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Read testimonials by our buyers...

"The violin is great. I will refer you to some friends as well, as other people in our school need a violin. Our kids go to a Waldorf school, and every third grader needs a violin or a cello."

- Patrick Peterhans

"My daughter will love this little pocket trumpet because she loves playing her Pro Yamaha silver trumpet."

- Ken P.

"Thank you for the wonderful instrument you have sold! The instrument and the case, both, are so beautiful! That is super neat and I would not have known of its existence otherwise! I bought this for my daughter for her 20th birthday and I am so pleased with it. It is a beautiful instrument and I think it is wonderful to have the versatility to play it as a violin or viola. I never knew such a thing existed before I saw yours. Thank you so much."

- Anne

zoozack 74- Oct-12-03 21:37:42 PDT ref#E63050121888 S
Great Deal for a Graphic Designer! Thanks!

oregonducks02003 18- Oct-12-03 15:35:38 PDT ref#E63629353606 S
thank you

oregonducks02003 18- Oct-12-03 15:35:38 PDT ref#E63629360418 S
thanks you

mitoh2 3 - Oct-11-03 18:27:46 PDT ref#E62749562620 S
good product ; shipped on time

1208lucky 5 - Oct-11-03 15:46:02 PDT ref#E63625913435 S
Merchandise was received in less time than anticipated. Thanks!

jaybird255 179- Oct-11-03 05:12:10 PDT ref#E63622384700 S
Perfect product, perfect seller!! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

smonty46 184- Oct-10-03 16:51:41 PDT ref#E62754280243 S
Quick contact, good communications, fast shipping and good product! Thanks!!!

konstnar66 0 - Oct-10-03 12:18:35 PDT ref#E62749758083 S
very quick delivery. exactly what it said it was! Thanks

sandymikel 1301- Oct-09-03 16:37:28 PDT ref#E62755980397 S
Easy Transaction

walter381 8 - Oct-08-03 15:36:44 PDT ref#E63626424784 S
I received order---I am happy

ndsinc 68- Oct-08-03 15:24:52 PDT ref#E63629040721 S

sarjendad 30- Oct-08-03 10:12:06 PDT ref#E62562282494 S
Received disc as described...GREAT seller, A++++

mlevack 126- Oct-08-03 07:01:11 PDT ref#E62752130519 S
quick shipment, item as described, A+++

teach112 50- Oct-08-03 02:16:14 PDT ref#E62755655851 S
prompt shipment, A

brtool123 2 - Oct-07-03 16:36:27 PDT ref#E63627768150 S
got it in a reasonable time,

woody4ever 9 - Oct-07-03 00:20:58 PDT ref#E62950026827 S
I paid quick, he sent quick!!! Gladly work with him again!!!!

mayho67 261- Oct-06-03 20:44:08 PDT ref#E63628417667 S
Good Product, Fast Shipment, Another successful Transaction. A+

overworked01 23- Oct-06-03 17:16:56 PDT ref#E63629164132 S
Quick delivery, OK packaging. Would do business again. A++

blessedbeader 177- Oct-06-03 13:48:50 PDT ref#E63628405399 S
Super fast shipping, an asset!

*braja* 39- Oct-06-03 13:42:28 PDT ref#E63048707868 S
product as described, fast shipping, excellent!

metz1000 43- Oct-06-03 11:29:10 PDT ref#E62752355960 S
SHIPPED FAST GREAT SELLER A++++++++++++++++++++++

jhr87 57- Oct-06-03 07:17:52 PDT ref#E63621851252 S
very good, thanks

estersofy 172- Oct-05-03 20:09:29 PDT ref#E62953502216 S
Superfast shipping. Great. Thanks.AAAAAAAA+++++++++++++

docx91 50- Oct-05-03 12:20:48 PDT ref#E63628598729 S
Smooth transaction - recommended

ubiz 97- Oct-05-03 10:32:20 PDT ref#E63629045025 S
Fast shipping, smooth transaction. Thanks

brazoriatx 70- Oct-04-03 18:25:46 PDT ref#E62749070897 S
Fast shipping and product as described. A++ 23- Oct-03-03 23:31:15 PDT ref#E62753928856 S
Training disk works great, thanks...

yaegerman 31- Oct-03-03 23:14:48 PDT ref#E62560951425 S
item as ordered

rubystar222 0 - Oct-03-03 17:40:50 PDT ref#E63625265490 S
Very quick, packed the item well, and good communication!

minntacmark 190- Oct-03-03 14:30:08 PDT ref#E63628908654 S
Item as described. Prompt shipping.

rvydesign 53- Oct-03-03 10:06:29 PDT ref#E63626230047 S
NIce Product. Thanks AAA+++

gviz464 1 - Oct-03-03 00:42:07 PDT ref#E63627774741 S
Excellent service !

hugh20_1 2 - Oct-02-03 15:34:59 PDT ref#E62748126010 S
good service and excellent product

abridelistens 11- Oct-02-03 15:26:28 PDT ref#E63628741216 S
Thanks Again, VERY nice product, Great seller with Fast Delivery!!!!!

abridelistens 11- Oct-02-03 15:25:15 PDT ref#E63628413228 S
Great Product, thanks for the friendly service also, nice to do business with!

jc.olivares 8 - Oct-02-03 12:08:15 PDT ref#E62945575686 S
Excellent! Thanks.

r63c 66- Oct-01-03 17:58:47 PDT ref#E63628065243 S
got here fast just what I was looking for thanks A++++++++++++++++++++++++++

intrinsic_emporium 68- Oct-01-03 17:09:29 PDT ref#E63628065817 S
Good Transaction ~ Highly Recommend ~ Thank You

dhe253 6 - Oct-01-03 07:24:39 PDT ref#E63628196212 S
Quick delivery, great to work with ireward, would highly Recommend. A AAAAA+++++

jreedphoto 40- Oct-01-03 05:58:31 PDT ref#E63625375277 S
Easy transaction and good customer service. Thank you

jcmcmullan 30- Oct-01-03 05:21:09 PDT ref#E63628739736 S
Item arrived in perfect condition. Would recommend as a seller! A++ rate

charknit 44- Sep-30-03 20:47:01 PDT ref#E63627805457 S
A++++++,, Speedy Delivery, Awesome Transaction

ak1squid 53- Sep-30-03 20:34:45 PDT ref#E63625274450 S
smooth transaction, quick turnaround. thanks!

rmz101 46- Sep-30-03 19:14:45 PDT ref#E63628731093 S
Fastest shipper in the West! Thanks

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A++++ Fast Delivery, Great Seller! A++++

alfredswhatnots 25- Sep-30-03 17:57:01 PDT ref#E63627769399 S
Fast Service +++++++

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Great transaction. Highly recommend+++++

heliond 11- Sep-30-03 11:18:57 PDT ref#E63628544414 S
Very quick shipping A++++++++++++++ SELLER

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Many thanks, will do business with you again. Much sucess to you

vaughn94 476- Sep-30-03 08:50:57 PDT ref#E63043362166 S
Great product

owenpswords 67- Sep-30-03 02:06:34 PDT ref#E63040606779 S
prompt, well packaged, as described - thanks

justsearching 118- Sep-29-03 21:17:07 PDT ref#E63622778748 S
Fast shipping, accurate product description.

portiageorge 206- Sep-29-03 17:23:28 PDT ref#E63627613752 S
Thanks for the Great Buy!

big-boy-toy 38- Sep-29-03 13:31:54 PDT ref#E63045532117 S
Great cd

skijaker 168- Sep-29-03 12:54:00 PDT ref#E62748925706 S
good transaction. prompt shipping.....Thanks!

isispet 480- Sep-29-03 09:59:24 PDT ref#E62753004890 S
great seller received item as described and shipped fast

orangeaveauto 335- Sep-28-03 22:02:37 PDT ref#E63628372963 S

prkw 66- Sep-28-03 15:11:06 PDT ref#E63048172300 S
Nice package ! Quick delivery !

shystella 2 - Sep-28-03 10:06:17 PDT ref#E62951245001 S
All went as expected. No difficulties. Thanks!

dakaoman 15- Sep-27-03 19:07:45 PDT ref#E63622299078 S
Quick transaction. A+

noizytoyz 176- Sep-27-03 17:10:36 PDT ref#E62752771860 S
smooth transaction!!!!!

abridelistens 11- Sep-27-03 13:34:29 PDT ref#E62754499773 S
Received Item As Advertised, GREAT Product, and FAST Service A++++

cptriker1 148- Sep-27-03 12:09:21 PDT ref#E63047344377 S
Item shipped quickly.

pulse2.0 27- Sep-27-03 11:53:43 PDT ref#E62559486963 S
Thanks for the great product!

leitpeter 86- Sep-27-03 09:18:30 PDT ref#E62749227118 S
Great seller, Thanks!

suzydill 37- Sep-27-03 06:22:20 PDT ref#E62559459130 S
smooth transaction,great communications,proffesional A++

dancinwill 13- Sep-27-03 05:38:06 PDT ref#E62754280262 S

tidbit108 34- Sep-26-03 16:51:09 PDT ref#E62952353208 S
Good seller, quick to deliver and bonuses.

021360antiques 6 - Sep-26-03 16:13:11 PDT ref#E62950825161 S
Thank you

sponge$bob 39- Sep-26-03 12:04:23 PDT ref#E63626880957 S
Great seller Fast ship! Thanks!!! A+

jackrussellmum 486- Sep-26-03 10:51:40 PDT ref#E63624538480 S
Sorry for delay. S super CD--tutors are great, and the bonus pictures awesome!

donavain 474- Sep-26-03 07:05:24 PDT ref#E63626428248 S
Prompt shipping, would buy from again!

clicorice 56- Sep-26-03 05:53:02 PDT ref#E63622643112 S
Prompt & Friendly responses, smooth transaction, hightly recommended

tefal 62- Sep-26-03 01:29:34 PDT ref#E62753734608 S
Received promptly, well packaged and in good condition. Recommended. A++++++++++

*tatyanas*treasures* 38- Sep-25-03 19:10:17 PDT ref#E63047314853 S
Great seller, Fast delivery, will do business again

eaglerocks 160- Sep-25-03 17:48:07 PDT ref#E63626997480 S
A+++ Now I'm learning something.

pnieto007 10- Sep-25-03 15:46:07 PDT ref#E63627803244 S
no problems

mledaisy 11- Sep-24-03 21:59:44 PDT ref#E63550551442 S
Smooth, quick transaction, merchandise as promised!

otlwimortl19 25- Sep-24-03 21:12:28 PDT ref#E62752758476 S
quick delivery. great seller

bbwynntx 221- Sep-24-03 05:22:44 PDT ref#E63626997322 S
Item exactly as described and fast shipping! THANKS!

futuredude 9 - Sep-23-03 23:23:16 PDT ref#E63047140868 S
Extremely quick shipping and very courteous replies... a pleasure to do business

i69291 64- Sep-23-03 19:56:35 PDT ref#E63624074304 S
Delivered just as promised!

sky-chaser 1263- Sep-23-03 19:16:36 PDT ref#E62752748449 S
nice merchandise nice to deal with - highly recommended AAA+++

megaoz 48- Sep-23-03 17:42:33 PDT ref#E63623721584 S
Excellent Seller! A+++

friggathis 103- Sep-23-03 14:59:53 PDT ref#E63626423462 S
Great product, quick delivery, can't wait to do more business with them

bryrach 12- Sep-22-03 23:37:50 PDT ref#E63626859307 S
Very fast shipment......very satisfied.

modifycableboxes 32- Sep-22-03 17:07:06 PDT ref#E63041805081 S
Great item. Delivered as promised. Thanks

bcordell10 9 - Sep-22-03 16:31:14 PDT ref#E62558171006 S
Smooth transaction no complaints. A+

tazanddo 24- Sep-22-03 14:48:56 PDT ref#E63625110422 S
Tricky software to install but worth it.

rockandrolljoe 151- Sep-22-03 13:13:55 PDT ref#E62751104179 S

keysrydr 25- Sep-22-03 10:59:08 PDT ref#E62753746819 S
fair/fast/fun........great to deal with

tiger25food 3 - Sep-22-03 08:40:57 PDT ref#E63625251676 S

tiger25food 3 - Sep-22-03 08:40:55 PDT ref#E63623722612 S

tiger25food 3 - Sep-22-03 08:40:55 PDT ref#E63623722746 S

tiger25food 3 - Sep-22-03 08:40:55 PDT ref#E63623722758 S

tiger25food 3 - Sep-22-03 08:40:54 PDT ref#E63623722591 S

eyesrblu 157- Sep-22-03 05:50:36 PDT ref#E63621714498 S
A+ A pleasure to do business with 49- Sep-22-03 05:23:53 PDT ref#E63625665279 S
I would buy from this person again

lebebfr 90- Sep-21-03 10:38:44 PDT ref#E62557242276 S
thanks for serious .. A++ Seller

ktrant 30- Sep-21-03 09:25:01 PDT ref#E63623721023 S
Good communication and prompt service shipment. Thanks!

thetreehousetoo 11- Sep-20-03 16:45:21 PDT ref#E62753012864 S
Thanks for the quick shipment!!!!!!! A++++++++++++seller

jay.garcia 47- Sep-20-03 16:22:36 PDT ref#E62558809952 S
SUPERFAST DELIVERY! Product as described! thank you! will do businesss again!

jolufe 13- Sep-20-03 12:51:55 PDT ref#E63625109769 S
A good seller. Thanks

mister-b--2003 26- Sep-20-03 08:00:13 PDT ref#E62753514970 S
Great Communication! ++ Excellent seller! ++ I wish they were all like this! ++

david_s_fisher 3 - Sep-20-03 00:51:21 PDT ref#E63042274951 S
great i got the item within a couple of weeks, would recomend

grafixgurl 25- Sep-20-03 00:10:04 PDT ref#E63045904018 S
Quick shipment. Excellent transaction. Product works great.

nuccio59 352- Sep-19-03 23:47:58 PDT ref#E63045377116 S
Good Transactions. GREAT SELLER!!!

mrmega 181- Sep-19-03 18:46:31 PDT ref#E63626757438 S
Received item as stated

bumbkm 197- Sep-19-03 17:05:04 PDT ref#E63625426682 S
got it fast. and thanks a lot!

billt928$ 79- Sep-19-03 16:14:08 PDT ref#E62753204185 S
Wondreful Product Good seller

billt928$ 79- Sep-19-03 16:13:59 PDT ref#E62752695536 S
Wondreful Product Good seller

billt928$ 79- Sep-19-03 16:13:49 PDT ref#E62557763346 S
Wondreful Product Good seller

cubeys 68- Sep-18-03 20:22:01 PDT ref#E62752770903 S
very fast shipping, excellent!

bquillero 36- Sep-18-03 05:48:23 PDT ref#E62749562702 S
Good transaction and shipment thanks..!!!

mrfirstclass 51- Sep-17-03 21:29:29 PDT ref#E63623721150 S
An excellent product. A great altenative to reading lots of books

rstan0201 100- Sep-17-03 18:02:31 PDT ref#E63623525151 S
prompt shipment...thanks

reggaematic 50- Sep-17-03 16:17:59 PDT ref#E62556389672 S
Pics are ok. Most were saved as BMP's. Arrived in bubble-wrapped paper sleeve.

asplunk 29- Sep-17-03 10:38:14 PDT ref#E63618627641 S
Fast shipping. thanks.

primoauction 113- Sep-17-03 09:07:56 PDT ref#E62551824749 S
Excellent smooth transaction Would Rate AAA

nostood 58- Sep-17-03 06:41:32 PDT ref#E62550435704 S
Good to deal with

doddgle1701 36- Sep-17-03 02:27:00 PDT ref#E63043531521 S

ns_esp 24- Sep-16-03 18:52:58 PDT ref#E62748144191 S
Recieved product A+++

ns_esp 24- Sep-16-03 18:52:11 PDT ref#E62748276482 S
Recieved product A+++

brmecham 52- Sep-16-03 06:13:17 PDT ref#E63046363954 S
Quick shipping! Great product at a great price. Recommended.

lmstafford 16- Sep-16-03 02:12:51 PDT ref#E63625756356 S
Good service Thanks

cnc_man38 20- Sep-15-03 12:28:59 PDT ref#E63624917265 S
Item was recieved in a timely manner and in good condition.

simple_man_11 16- Sep-15-03 07:42:20 PDT ref#E62750716401 S
very good seller shipped fast a+

coogie55 19- Sep-14-03 11:33:00 PDT ref#E63622246461 S
Item arrived promptly - Exactly as described - Great price - Thanks! - A+

coogie55 19- Sep-14-03 11:32:28 PDT ref#E63041424121 S
Item arrived promptly - Exactly as described - Great price - Thanks! - A+

crfty03 2 - Sep-14-03 08:00:04 PDT ref#E62751122530 S
Very pleased with speed of delivery. Product is great - exactly what I wanted.

iquestweb 48- Sep-13-03 21:49:53 PDT ref#E62554241536 S
Great deal and prompt shipping!

daveparizek 77- Sep-13-03 18:58:01 PDT ref#E63623721165 S
wonderful wonderful wonderful!

dar44 82- Sep-13-03 09:38:56 PDT ref#E63624073666 S
Great product pleasure to do business with. Thanks A+

force-man 111- Sep-12-03 22:03:25 PDT ref#E63624644659 S
The best \ seller!!!!!!

buffalonickeltradingcompany 196- Sep-12-03 19:29:58 PDT ref#E63624956981 S
rcvd cd now if i can use it........

backstop0 27- Sep-12-03 19:27:30 PDT ref#E63044908973 S
Great response time and delivery. A great seller.

peter-lew 122- Sep-12-03 19:21:59 PDT ref#E63625785919 S
Smooth and quick transaction. A+++++++++++

delroy45 31- Sep-12-03 19:15:20 PDT ref#E63043963525 S
great, thank you

zorbonthewise 76- Sep-12-03 15:49:54 PDT ref#E63041073844 S
Great Seller Would Work with again

derf514 81- Sep-12-03 07:02:41 PDT ref#E63625116892 S
Thanks for a great transaction!

nxcaffe 20- Sep-11-03 19:44:37 PDT ref#E63042275586 S

123foster 15- Not a registered user Sep-11-03 17:29:36 PDT ref#E63623648737 S

montag777 8 - Sep-11-03 17:09:22 PDT ref#E63044933375 S
Quick response time--recommended highly! A+++++

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ah_shopping 30- Sep-11-03 12:48:26 PDT ref#E62747952183 S
Prompt delivery pleasure doing business with

fotojones 540- Sep-11-03 11:33:25 PDT ref#E62750922340 S

greendish 865- Sep-11-03 11:27:00 PDT ref#E63625271577 S
Oh, my word!!! This is fabulous. Thank you so much.

mailboxcrochet 274- Sep-10-03 21:39:25 PDT ref#E63044335604 S
Super fast shipping, great product, thanks again

freakcitysf 79- Sep-10-03 16:08:04 PDT ref#E63623914736 S
thanks easy seller hassle free

dakota4470 14- Sep-10-03 03:30:09 PDT ref#E63624917284 S

*aquarius* 211- Sep-10-03 00:20:34 PDT ref#E62750717511 S
Fast delivery. Great transaction. Thank you!!!!!!!! 52- Sep-09-03 21:47:26 PDT ref#E63623907810 S
Great product, lightning speed in delivery, awesome seller. Highly Recommended!

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Fast service and accurate description. Good seller. Would buy again. A+++

sassylou 3651- Sep-09-03 17:13:37 PDT ref#E62944886220 S
A real pleasure to do business with. Thanks!!!

knabergall 67- Sep-09-03 12:47:25 PDT ref#E63044339485 S
Great item! Excellant transaction! Would do business again!

nethania 61- Sep-09-03 10:24:11 PDT ref#E63622529359 S
Product as Described

phototaker4 133- Sep-08-03 16:51:11 PDT ref#E63624531585 S
Great item, as described...Thanks...AA++

zoaj 187- Sep-08-03 14:51:17 PDT ref#E63624074766 S
Good Deal...Arrived Safely...Thankyou so much...May God Bless you...

amadan9644 98- Sep-08-03 14:17:31 PDT ref#E63624675781 S
NICE PRODUCT AND FAST DELIVERY. THANKS 139- Sep-08-03 09:38:12 PDT ref#E63623408482 S
Great product,FAST SHIP!!!!!

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very fast shipment. Thank you

ubux 5 - Sep-07-03 08:07:46 PDT ref#E63624073655 S
prompt, curtious useful item

rbmobley 10- Sep-06-03 18:43:58 PDT ref#E62750719406 S
Got the item in good shape and time AAAA

ghunter234 50- Sep-06-03 17:27:41 PDT ref#E62944885987 S
excellent service, excellent delivery, highly recommended A+++++++++++

crazyin00 28- Sep-06-03 13:45:33 PDT ref#E62749927713 S
Fast and Easy. Great seller. Thanks!

onlinebusiness4sale 56- Sep-06-03 09:12:18 PDT ref#E62749756756 S
Fast shipper

ltcpilot 51- Sep-05-03 20:39:37 PDT ref#E63624073735 S
Quick transaction...A+++++++++

moteru123 9 - Sep-05-03 17:28:01 PDT ref#E63043749669 S
Very satisfied. The shipping was lightning fast too. Thanx!!

djknight74private- Sep-05-03 15:02:51 PDT ref#E63622384440 S

got2ebuyitnow 7 - Sep-05-03 14:39:30 PDT ref#E62747525719 S
Fast Delivery..!..Great Product....!.....A+++++ Seller...!....Thanks....!

bmorekid Sep-04-03 18:15:46 PDT
Product same as shown, very fast delivery, very smooth transaction A+++

stephen_holle Sep-04-03 16:38:51 PDT
Exactly as promised, shipped promptly

crosstalker2 Sep-04-03 09:45:16 PDT
Triple A+ Seller, Quick & Easy Transaction, Items as listed, Fast Shipping Too

crosstalker2 Sep-04-03 09:44:07 PDT
Another excellent transaction with this seller, Do recomend to others, Fast ship

crosstalker2 Sep-04-03 09:43:24 PDT
Excellent seller, good communications, fast service, good products & PackagingA+

jbielot Sep-02-03 07:23:05 PDT
Item received in good condition.

sea-psych Sep-01-03 20:32:27 PDT
very nice, well worth the price

hamilton_sin Sep-01-03 19:21:05 PDT
Good seller, prompt delivery

goyegoye Sep-01-03 17:28:10 PDT
Awesome service! Looking forward to future bussiness. Thanks

tina_wants_the_toilet_seat Sep-01-03 14:00:46 PDT
Wonderful seller!

wolf_inc Sep-01-03 10:36:10 PDT
Good product, as stated, works well

hub0770 Aug-30-03 07:48:43 PDT
Items sent promtply A+++++

patricksalmon Aug-30-03 05:33:08 PDT
Good and Fast Service

mary-jo3 Aug-29-03 14:29:30 PDT
great product, great price

murda8 Aug-29-03 04:41:02 PDT
super fast shipping, would do business again. thanks

vicrzn Aug-28-03 21:29:29 PDT
It has been a pleasure

the_fureathery_one Aug-28-03 17:08:23 PDT
Beautifull images! Shipped quick and in good shape!

stooge101 Aug-28-03 16:19:17 PDT
fast shipping , great product , wonderful seller

zdocglock Aug-28-03 13:55:23 PDT
Excellant, thanks Very Much

funrunr Aug-28-03 12:52:46 PDT
Excellent Seller. Smooth Transaction. Thanks. A+++++++++++. Highly Recommended.

abz111276 Aug-28-03 11:53:47 PDT
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Product as described, thank you very much!

pudding450 Aug-26-03 16:38:12 PDT
Fast shipping. Good communication. A+++

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Good transaction.

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Pleasure doing business with. Fast service.

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Super fast delivery!!

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Very fast service, smooth transaction. Would recommend

hafzimer Aug-25-03 16:11:26 PDT
Super! Highly recommended. Very pleased. 5 STARS A++++ :)

rjbenn Aug-25-03 16:10:49 PDT
item recieved as posted, Thanks

seniorteen Aug-25-03 15:59:59 PDT
Received item in good condition...Thank you

fusion3 Aug-25-03 11:37:22 PDT
Great follow thru

onlythemaker Aug-24-03 21:19:34 PDT
quick response...great and personable seller+++

trafficde Aug-19-03 21:00:31 PDT
Very good, Professinoal Service.

topdog0_3 Aug-19-03 17:59:19 PDT
Very fast service on my CD. Good business people.

jenny441 Aug-16-03 07:09:52 PDT
Very fast service, thank you. Will buy again from this user.

dnd4ever Aug-15-03 19:18:37 PDT
Fast shipping, as described - nice software!

jim9535 Aug-15-03 15:54:37 PDT
Quick Service. Everything as advertised.

blhbrian01 Aug-15-03 06:38:57 PDT
Good Deal!!!

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Fast delivery, well packaged. thanks again

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tonytdds Aug-13-03 10:55:52 PDT
Good Product. Good Communication. A++++++++

sl1111 Aug-13-03 09:01:08 PDT
Good disks!

emtzoe Aug-12-03 06:33:55 PDT
Item received....thank you

maxferlim Aug-11-03 17:56:41 PDT
the media sold is cheap and a good media i did not have any problem with that

scsioutlet Aug-10-03 23:06:45 PDT
Fast payment good experience Thank you

cayenne_computer Aug-06-03 08:26:54 PDT
fast,prompt,honest dealer

aftrike Aug-05-03 20:55:59 PDT
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m-adem Aug-05-03 04:34:28 PDT
Super fast shipment! Great communication! Outstanding A++++

kdog7 Aug-04-03 18:04:09 PDT
good deal. thanks

cheetah7172 Aug-03-03 07:28:04 PDT
thank you!

t.ross Aug-02-03 20:33:02 PDT
Good, timely, friendly transaction, Thanx ++++++++

kowboyzfan Aug-01-03 13:53:17 PDT
Fast service A+++++

skijaker Jul-31-03 22:16:53 PDT
Great transaction.....thanks!

caa62 Jul-30-03 21:19:52 PDT
Very Honest Seller. Would buy from him agfa

tahuls Jul-30-03 16:09:25 PDT
Excellant. Fast service. Hope all future purchases go this well.

djpeebs Jul-29-03 22:59:17 PDT

mccartneysfillin Jul-29-03 18:29:06 PDT
Great Transaction

leggbm Jul-29-03 10:53:34 PDT
Fast shipment, very professional. Great communication. Jul-28-03 15:09:33 PDT
Gsale from this top class seller, highly recommended thanks A++++ Jul-28-03 15:09:33 PDT
Great sale from this top class seller, highly recommended thanks A++++

extremecruisers Jul-26-03 20:58:50 PDT
very fast services, will buy again!!!!!!!!

bugs540 Jul-26-03 07:54:38 PDT
Received package quickly! Nice to deal with! A+++

tlimes Jul-26-03 06:18:45 PDT
Fast shipping and item just as described..great to do business with

jmake Jul-25-03 20:00:33 PDT
Good product - especially for the price!

kayster13 Jul-25-03 14:21:04 PDT
Item was as described! Fast delivery! Thanks!

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