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3 Bamboo Flute+handCrave Ocarina (Xun)+Hulusi China Music Pack
3 Bamboo Flute+handCrave Ocarina (Xun)+Hulusi China Music Pack
3 Bamboo Flute+handCrave Ocarina (Xun)+Hulusi China Music Pack
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3 Bamboo Flute+Ocarina handCrave Xun+Hulusi China Music Pack

Berkeley music have this special pack for 3 most interesting Chinese instruments together.
1. The hulusi is a free reed wind instrument from China. It is held vertically and has three bamboo pipes which pass through a gourd wind chest; one pipe has finger holes and the other two are drone pipes.

The hulusi was originally used primarily in the Yunnan province by the Dai and other non-Han ethnic groups but is now played throughout China, and hulusi are manufactured in such northern cities as Tianjin. Like the related free reed pipe called bawu, the hulusi has a very pure, clarinet-like sound.

Although the hulusi is still predominantly performed in China, it has in recent years been adopted by European composers and performers. Rohan Leach from England; Rapheal De Cock from Belgium and Herman Witkam from the Netherlands have all taken the instrument in new directions.
2. bamboo flute set in 3 key. remember when i was a kids. we never see silver flute in our school.that because silver flute are too much. over $1000, the only flute we have is this we all and only play bamboo flute, after i came to US, one day i buy one silver flute from pawn shop, i can easy play in 5 mines, because bamboo flute are same fingering like silver flute and silver flute are much easy then bamboo we alway say state cut the school money. its true! but i remember in 1972 our school 60,000 kids only have one piano. and no one allow to get in that room. don't even think to touch it. but most my friend all play perfect piano today. buy my 2 boy and one girl, my wife spend thousand's dollars and TIME. take then to learn music. but they not just don't know how to play music today, they HAT music. if you have same feeling like me and you don't like spend a lot money to buy silver flute, you can try this one 3 in C F G key bamboo flute. this 3 flute can cover most of all key. and one day if they need to play real silver flute, you will find out you can play much warn and rich sound then other guy.
3 Pro handCrave lacquer Xun (2000+ years ago Vintage WindInstrument)Xun is an ancient earthen, egg-shaped wind instrument still used to begin music in the Confucian shrine ceremony.its very easy to play, if you know how to play recorder. then you know how to play Xun.if yo like to know how to play or know more about this. just type Xun on google, then you have 100's page talk about Xun also teach you how to play. i didn't read anything before i try to play and i can play most sound in 5 mines.

we sold a lot Chinese musical instruments to school. because that is very good education tool to show young kids
this hard to find in the market those most populer Chinese instrument in US.

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