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BerkeleyWind Pro Bb Clarinet
Excellent profession Bb Clarinet (Buffet Crampon B12 Style)
Excellent profession Bb Clarinet (Buffet Crampon B12 Style)
Item#: berkeleywind-pro-bb-clarinet-wcase-amp-tool
Regular price: $289.00
Sale price: $189.00

Product Description
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BerkeleyWind Pro Bb Clarinet w/Case & Tool

You were absolutely right: the quality of this clarinet is unbelievable for the price, and I couldn't be happier with the sound. (I used my Hite Premiere mouthpiece because I'm used to it, but I'll try the other one sometime soon.) I left a detailed review and a five-star rating for this instrument. In the past, I've had an Amati and a Ridenour clarinet, and paid $700 or more for them. This Berkeley produces as good a tone as either one of those brands, and for half the price. As I said in an earlier message to you, one of the features that attracted me was the Backun-style ringless barrel, plus the traditional ringed barrel. I don't know of any other brand that comes with both styles--and if there's one that does, it will be high-priced for sure! Reply

Pro: Good sound. Easy to play. Lower-to-clarion twelfths are mostly within 10hz (measured) of expected frequency -- has small hole in side of bell to help lower twelfths. Great finish, good looking overall. Sturdy metal parts. Comes with cleaning swab, reeds, cork grease, and well padded case. Case has small flat exterior pocket. Nice tight fit corks became easier after use. Two barrels. Adjustable thumb rest.

Overall: Good price on good instrument. All fit construction issues easy to fix. Nice to have a BerkeleyWind clarinet the reason show you this difference clarinet. is because our Red one just like toy. but still give you a rich tone. and this new one you get. can make much much better sound then red one. so don't just ask how good of horn you get, need to ask how hard your kids to learn.

Berkeley Bb Pro Clarinet
This Classical Clarinet can give you a high register symphonic repertory sound.
but be careful for your beginner player. when you put together this horn. middle 2 long piece need to careful. have let low piece under upper piece otherwise all the upper key will out the tune.and parent better help then,
we sold and teach so many of Clarinet. F# and Bb is most easy lead key. all because this middle stick got damage.

Berkeleywind's Clarinet have special feature can double-textured body with new T-Process polymer impregnation that permits the reed to vibrate more freely than other ligatures. Fitted with corrosion-resistant metal fittings, the unique design allows reed to swell and shrink without distorting the reed body, reducing the likelihood of leakage at the facing, and peculiar modes of vibration that give rise to uneven scales, poor intonation, squeaks and raspiness. The Dark Series Ligatures assist in producing a full, centered tone comparable to that of the old string technology. Classical performers especially enjoy the warm sound. !

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