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Excellent profession C Clarinet Adjust ThumbRest wDark Tone
Excellent profession C Clarinet Adjust ThumbRest wDark Tone
Excellent profession C Clarinet Adjust ThumbRest wDark Tone
Item#: Berkeley-Pro-C-Clarinet-Adjust-ThumbRest-wDark-Tone1
Regular price: $599.00
Sale price: $285.00

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Berkeley Pro C Clarinet Adjust ThumbRest wDark Tone

Just received the C clarinet. I am very happy with it. It plays perfectly in tune using the mouthpiece that comes with it. The M/P is obviously made to be used with this clarinet.

The M/P is the same length as a Bb M/P which is great so you don't have to go searching for a C clarinet M/P. They are usually shorter and very hard to find. The sound is very open around the break which is a sign of a well engineered clarinet. This clarinet is a super deal for anyone wanting to play with other C instruments like at church or grandma on the piano.

I've been a professional woodwind player and Tech for over thirty years and I've played all the super expensive name brand c clarinet over the years and this C clarinet plays as well as any of them if not better. I sold a buffet C clarinet recently because it could not be played in tune. You have a great c clarinet here. It is in tune with itself, it has a nice tone and I like it and so will many other people as long as they try it and see. leif

Berkeley Pro C Clarinet with Dark and focused tone
This Special Classical Clarinet can give you a high register symphonic repertory sound.
Known for their easy response and remarkable accuracy, BerkeleyWind C clarinets help the musicians to develop their musical talent. The instrument is made from ABS and features undercut tone holes, silver-plated keys, poly-cylindrical bore specially designed to increase easy response, adjustable thumb rest and vinyl-covered deluxe wood shell case. Key of C.

A great alternative to paying thousands more for a professional C clarinet! Excellent choice for all around playing. Beautiful, warm tone with excellent intonation and still remains free blowing.


* barrels: 63mm
* ABS with Bone powder
* .563 bore
* Thick wall
* Dark & focused tone
* vinyl-covered deluxe wood shell case. The mouthpiece that I received with my c clarinet is probably the best mouthpiece i have ever played on. It opens up the sound on any clarinet you play. I play the c clarinet and take the mouthpiece leave the reed on and put the mouthpiece on the Bb clarinet and it makes the Bb clarinet ( an old buffet professional model which has a great sound already) sound better. It opens up the and makes the clarinet play with less effort. I have had many expensive mouthpieces over the years but this mouthpiece ( C clarinet) is the best one. You have something here very valuable. Clarinestists are always searching for the perfect mouthpiece , this one is close to perfect.I was playing Jesu joy of mans desiring and my wife said", wow, nice sound". and she didn't know i was using the 'new' mouthpiece on my Bb clarinet.

You were absolutely right: the quality of this C clarinet is unbelievable for the price, and I couldn't be happier with the sound. (I used my Hite Premiere mouthpiece because I'm used to it, but I'll try the other one sometime soon.) I left a detailed review and a five-star rating for this instrument. In the past, I've had an Amati and a Ridenour C-key clarinet, and paid $700 or more for them. This Berkeley produces as good a tone as either one of those brands, and for half the price. As I said in an earlier message to you, one of the features that attracted me was the Backun-style ringless barrel, plus the traditional ringed barrel. I don't know of any other brand that comes with both styles--and if there's one that does, it will be high-priced for sure! Reply

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