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Cello 4/4 4 and 5 String Electrical
Cello 4/4 4 and 5 String Electrical
Cello 4/4 4 and 5 String Electrical
Item#: cello
Regular price: $899.00
Sale price: $499.00

Product Description
Tiger Framed Electronic Cello
Teacher Approved: Tiger Framed Electronic Cello
Amazing 4-String Electronic Cello or
5-String Electronic Cello in 5 minutes!

5 Strings Cello

Why pay over $2,369.99 for a 4-String Electric Cello or
for a 5-String Electric Cello
When you can get a combined 4-String and 5-String 
Electronic Cello with good quality.

Regular Price $899.00

Now is only $499.00! Festival Sales.

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bullet_tick You can change to a 4-String or 5-String in this Tiger Framed Electronic Cello.  
bullet_tick All BerkeleyWind's string instruments come with a 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee.
bullet_tick Any Berkeley Instrument we sold, We do buy back!!
Another reason that our customers are happy to buy from us is that we offer trade in policy.  We want you to be our long term customers. 

Loaded with beautiful features.

green_tick BerkeleyWind Tiger Framed Electronic Cello has tiger maple back and sides. It has a 4 year age of the spruce top, body shape outline and gamba construction method/tech.
green_tick The solid carved wood construction inner ply material of maple piffling installation of routed and hand fit piffling pear stained of endpin ultralight wittner composite tail piece. 
green_tick The Tiger Framed Electronic Cello comes with top hand carved solid select spruce back and sides.
green_tick Flamed hand carved solid maple. Hand carved inlaid solid maple brazilwoods bow with horse hair stick with ebony frog octagonal, double eyes and half-lined. 
green_tick The nut and pillow is preslotted with seven slots to easily accomodate 4-String or 5-String play.
green_tick The Tiger Framed Electronic Cello's fingerboard is marked for easy reference and tuning for beginners, same as tuning for guitar.  It is something you NEVER see!  Also with electronic  PU/EQ, you can plug to the AMP.
green_tick If you don't know how to play cello, you can easily turn to 5-String bass EADGC.  If you are a bass player, you can play cello like a professional.
green_tick Each Tiger Framed Electronic Cello comes with a beautiful back tiger maple, cello bow and cello carry bag.
green_tick The extra 4-String tail piece is include so that you can change to 4-String regular cello in just 5 minutes!

You'll NEVER find in the market in these years!

Cello Bridge
Tiger Framed Electronic Cello
Tiger Framed Cello Back
More pictures, scroll down ...

Tiger Framed Cello Neck
Tiger Framed Cello Scroll
Cello Accessories
Cello Equalizer and Bow
Tiger Framed Cello Bouts
Tiger Framed Cello End Pin
Cello Case
Cello Bag
Cello Equalizer
Tiger Frame Electronic Cello Bout
Tiger Framed Cello Lower Bout Back

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do recommend them to your teachers or friends. Thanks!

Customer Support:

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Any question you can call Julius, 
for more information at (1510 9180008).

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Nature Wood 4/4 Cello Stand Show Case w/fine padded
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